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Your wedding photography should be as boundless as your love. Specializing in capturing timeless moments, my photography transcends fleeting trends, ensuring that your memories age as gracefully as your love. From the quiet, intimate whispers to the bold, joyous celebrations, my lens captures the essence of your union in every frame.

Wedding photography

without boundaries

STARTING AT € 2900 incl vat

Your wedding day is a symphony of carefully chosen details, vibrant emotions, and unique settings that reflect your personal story. So here no all size fits all-packages, but a planning and budget tailored to fit your perfect wedding day(s), wherever you choose to celebrate your love. My transparent offering is fully customized to your vision, ensuring every moment is captured just the way you imagine.



Editorial Style Meets Festive Spirit

Combining a sharp editorial eye with a festive fair to create stunning visual narratives that reflect your personal style and the joy of your big day, that is the focus. Whether it’s a chic urban setting or a serene desert vista, my photos reflect the unique beauty of your chosen locale while highlighting the vibrant life and love you share.

Natural Skin Tones and Authentic Moments

My expertise in capturing true-to-life skin tones ensures that all your photos look natural, vibrant, and true to you. I understands the importance of portraying each individual at their best, focusing on the warm hues and subtle details that make every photo a piece of art.

your day your way

Forget about the constraints of traditional wedding photography. I am all in on embracing your unique vision. Whether you dream of a breezy beach ceremony or a sophisticated city affair, I am is ready to follow you anywhere. My commitment to authenticity means capturing the spontaneous moments of laughter, the tears of joy, and everything in between.


About a week before your big day, we'll schedule another (optional) call to review the plan and finalize all the details.

I Am Here for You

Have questions in between? Uncertainties about planning, timing, or anything else? I am here for you. You can always reach me via email, WhatsApp, or a phone call.


I send you some questions to help with planning, ensuring that you don't have to think about anything on the day itself (such as which photos to take with whom). There's nothing better than having everything run smoothly on the day so you can fully enjoy it!


After our meeting, I will send you a proposal with a clear and transparent budget.  Once you wholeheartedly say 'yes,' we will do the paperwork and you can start dreaming about your wedding (photo's).

01/ Introduction Meeting

A moment where we get to know each other. Just relaxed, with a coffee (or aperitif) and some snacks (food brings people together). We will also discuss what you do and don’t want. This is also the time to see if we have the connection to entrust such a special task to me.

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